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Sycamore Film Festival
2013 Films

hatching max Hatching Max (PG-13)
Shell, pregnant yet innocent, is alone. She meets an unlikely savior in Max, an eccentric artist. This delicate story is written by Anna Pattison and directed by Tony Award winner and Academy Award nominee writer, Mark Medoff. Hatching Max is not a love story, but a story about love.

Xbox Dream Xbox Dream (PG)
A girl wakes to her alarm, only her alarm is gone. Instead an Xbox in it's place transports her into several different game worlds.

Gravel Metric More Gravel (PG)

Gravel riding cyclists unite, gathering gravel to poor over asphalt roads. When their efforts fail, they turn to more extreme measures. (branding film)

The Study of Human Movement (PG)
A young man races against himself. He finds freedom in movement, and we see the science behind it. Made for NIU's Kinesology department, this branding film engages to-be students to the program

best of both worldsBest of Both Worlds (R - language/adult content)
Struggling to find a normal woman, Charlie meets beautiful Michelle and questions if he can accept the "Best of Both Worlds" when she reveals that she turns into a guy named Michael during the day.

expiredExpired (G)
Havoc ensues when people and things pass their expiration dates.